The Improbability of Elton John

One day a few months ago, I was standing in line at a roadside barbecue joint in rural Alabama. My friend Johnny stood beside me, basking in the warm spring air. Only two people were working that day, but nobody complained about how long it took to get their food....

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The Devil is in the Details

The Devil is in the Details You know that old saying, “the Devil is in the details”?  Well, I don’t like that saying, but I think it’s true, knowing what I do about Army personnel policies, credit card contracts, and personal liability lawyers.  But what does “the...

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These Gnarled and Bloodied Hands

Have you ever heard a beautiful song just once, and caught a line or two, but didn’t know the name of the artist or the song?  If you’re my age, you fell in love with music before the internet and iTunes and satellite radio, so you can recall that feeling of longing...

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Let Your Love Flow

One February evening, as I was driving from LA (Lower Alabama) to Birmingham, I scanned the FM stations. I like scanning FM stations on long drives sometimes because FM radio give listeners random samples of American culture. Anyway, I stopped scanning when I reached...

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Thank you for visiting my website. I really enjoy hearing from fans and from fellow authors. Your comments and your insight are always important to me. Feel free to leave a comment below.

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Swan Song

In an earlier essay, I wrote that perfectionism, or, more specifically, our expectations of perfection, can be the enemy of goodness. This essay is about other, earthly enemies. It’s also about the autumn of life, the nature of death,...

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The Broken Men

We're only men We break, we bend Our lives we spend For unseen ends No greater love No crueler fate The chance for glory We all await Gauntlets tight Game faces on As one we stand Steadfast and strong A beast in a cage A boy in boots A man in a mask A corpse in a suit...

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